Solar Grid Tie Inverter (Three Phase)


The new ConextTM TL grid-tie solar inverters are suited for outdoor use and are the ideal solution
for commercial buildings, carports, and decentralised photovoltaic (PV) plants up to the MW
range. The inverters provide dual maximum power point tracking (MPPT) with a wide voltage
range and a peak efficiency of greater than 98 per cent for fast ROI.

The ContextTM CL Series is a new line of three phase string inverters designed for high efficiency, maximum flexibility and easy installation and service.


True bankability
Warranty from a trusted partner with over 175 years of experience
World leader in industrial power drives, UPS, and electrical distribution
Strong service infrastructure worldwide to support your global needs
Higher return on investment
High efficiency >98%
Higher ROI with dual MPPT
Great value for money
Warranty from a trusted partner
Designed for reliability
Tested and qualified in harsher environmental conditions (MEOST reliability testing)
Wide MPPT voltage range (350 - 850 V)
Modular system designs using a combination of models
Easy to connect to third party monitoring solutions
Appropriate for outdoor installations (IP65 electronics)
Easy to service
Easily replaceable fan block and communications card
Integrated DC switch
Ability to remotely disable
Easy to install
Easy and fast mounting with included bracket
Pluggable AC and DC connectors (MC4)
Auto country/multilingual configurations

Technical Specification

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